Xiaomi mi robot 2 gutschein

xiaomi mi robot 2 gutschein

are two speakers up front, and the dust collection tray, as well as Wi-Fi reset buttons, are in the same location as before. You can start the cleaning by hitting the power button, and the robot does the rest by itself. The vacuum is available for 429, and while that's 170 more than the first-gen model, the enhancements justify the cost. Xiaomi Mi Robot 2, monitoring and usage statistics, you don't necessarily need to use the. If you're changing the cleaning mode from the default to either Turbo or Max, note that the robot will make significantly more noise. A cool new feature is the ability to put a marker anywhere in the house and direct the robot to clean that spot. There's also a carpet mode in which it will increase suction if it recognizes a carpet. Xiaomi Mi Robot 2, design and operation. If anything, the Mi Robot 2 feels more robust.

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The first-gen model had a 1800Pa motor, and the Mi Robot 2 comes with an even more powerful 2000Pa motor. The Mi Robot 2 has a total of 12 sensors that allow it to create a virtual map of your house, and the vacuum starts off by identifying the boundaries. And because there's a mop feature, you get a pad that prevents the vacuum from streaking wooden floors when it's charging. From within the Mi Home app, you'll be able to view the virtual map that the vacuum "sees and take a look at the cleaning area and the time it took the robot to clean a particular room. The, mi Robot is one of Xiaomi's best ecosystem products, and with the second-generation model, there are a few upgrades on offer. The front houses the water tank and mop, and the brushes for the dry clean are located at the back. The new laser sensor does a better job of routing, and the wet clean option makes it an all-round vacuum. Like before, there are two wheels on either side, and a smaller balancing wheel at the back that sits in between the charging pins. Particularly in Max mode, it feels like there's a whirlwind in your house.

There's a laser edge sensor that lets the robot maintain proximity (10mm) to a wall, and the 2mm rubber bumper ensures the vacuum doesn't get damaged when it does manage to hit something. The vacuum has built-in Wi-Fi, and it's fairly straightforward to hook it up to Mi Home. The robot now has a 2cm obstacle clearance, so it manages to go over rugs and other indents on the floor without any issues.